Choosing Niche Keyword Articles & Urls

When choosing articles for your website, make sure they are of optimal length for search engine optimization efforts. Articles up to 200 words short or up to 500 words long should fall into this category. Even if search engine optimization isn’t your goal, it’s still a good idea to keep your articles this length for the benefit of readers. You probably won’t finish your page if it’s longer. This can result in only having half the information you want, or it may look like your website is too “wordy”. Most internet readers don’t read pages on websites like books. The shorter the better. Even if it means dividing a long idea into 4 or 5 pages. Be sure to label it so the reader can choose which section to read, or know where the next section is, so they can decide if he or she wants to continue reading.

Choose articles for your niche site very carefully to ensure you are successful in getting traffic and making money from the site. When trying to use free articles for website content, it can be difficult to find articles with accurate keywords so you may need to revise your article (which some free articles may not allow) or base your keywords on the articles you find (which can be leaving you with lots of competing keywords that cost a lot of time or money to rank high). If you want to buy content, make sure you tell the author what your niche keywords are and what your preferred keyword density and ranking is. Remember, the wrong articles can leave you with low traffic and very low search engine rankings if they don’t fit your niche, or with keywords that are not easy to rank for.

One of the first, or possibly last, things to do when looking for inspiration after choosing a niche topic is to choose an interesting URL. You want to be noticed and memorable for those planning to return to visit.

For ideas and inspiration, take a look at the various keywords you listed for your niche. You do not want to sound boring or lack original sound. For example, if your niche is Blah, you could try MegaBlah, Blah4u, or HouseofBlah, or Blah Kingdom. They will all be original, explain what your niche is, and most importantly, they will be easy to remember.

How easy it is to remember your URL is the most important thing so that your visitors have no trouble coming back and clicking more affiliate links!

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