As a newbie, the first thing you should realize is that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quickly scheme and it is very hard work at first. However, it will get easier as you hone your craft. Affiliate  marketing is a learned skill and can be very profitable if done correctly.

Affiliate marketing is the promotion or selling of other people’s products and services. You get an affiliate link from the vendor whose product you want to promote. You will need to drive traffic, clients or eyeballs to your offer. There are a multitude of ways that you can do this. You can advertise on social media, write valuable articles about your niche or product on other people’s blogs (called guest blogging) or start your own blog or website. When somebody buys through your link, the vendor will pay you a commission. 

The fastest way to promote is through paid advertising. 

Just remember that you can not insert your links on all the blogs or websites you post your articles on.

Social media does not allow affiliate links, so, you will need to cloak links. You will also need to create a lead magnet with an opt in page. You do this to capture the client’s email address so you can market to them again and again. The money is in the list!

When placing your article or blog you will put a link to your lead magnet which is where the potential customer will see the product you are promoting.

This company offers everything you will need to get started and they pay 60% commissions.

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